.NET Core workshops

Master .NET Core platform and Microservice Architecture

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What can you learn?

.NET Core

How to use modern open source cross-platform .NET SDK and Runtime

Docker Containers

How to build and run each single application in isolated, lightweight, secured environment


How to deploy and run containers in production using an orchestrator



How to apply Domain Driven Design, CQRS and EventSourcing in real world applications


Would you like to have on-site workshops in your tech company? We organise workshops for mid and senior .NET developers, providing them with a deeper look into the modern .NET Core stack.

.NET Core essentials

Get up to speed with the new open source and cross platform .NET Core. Let's explore the .NET Core command-line (CLI) tooling and have full cross-platform experience with the C# integration in VS Code, thanks to the OmniSharp project. We'll also learn what really is .NET Standard and the benefits it brings to the new .NET ecosystem. Last but not least, we will explore the main features of the lighter and faster ASP .NET Core.

.NET Core introduction

Before getting our hands dirty, let’s understand the .NET Core architecture and how it fits in the new .NET ecosystem. We will discuss why and what are the real benefits of the new .NET strategy.


Get familiar with the new .NET command line tooling, how it can be extended and clarifying all the different versions out there.


Understanding the new project file is key in the new .NET Core platform, we must be able to change it by hand and use all the most important features that they provide.

Cross platform development with VS Code

Build, Run and Debug .NET projects in any platform with VSCode. Get acquanited with the omnisharp project and its cross-platform developer tools.

.NET Standard

Learn what .NET Standard is and why it's introduced at the same time as .NET Core. Learn the new way of code sharing in the .NET Ecosystem.

ASP .NET Core essentials

We will see the new architecture of ASP .NET Core based on Kestrel, middlewares and built-in configuration, logging and dependency injection.

Running .NET Core in Docker Containers

Get started with Docker to have a full experience of the new .NET Core. Get familiar developing, building and deploying .NET Core applications with docker containers.

Docker essentials

Understand what container is, what an image is and use the basic Docker commands for getting familiar with them. We will see that .NET Core is designed to run on containers, that’s why it’s a must to be comfortable with Docker.

Public .NET Core Docker images

Understand and run the different available Docker images for .NET Core runtime and SDK.

Continuous Integration and Delivery with Docker

Build your own CI/CD pipeline for a simple ASP .NET Core application with Docker Multistage build and Docker Compose.

Orchestrating with Kubernetes

Get started with the defacto standard for orchestrating, deploying and running containers in production.

Kubernetes essentials

Understand how the Kubernetes API works, creating and using the most common resources (deployments, services, pods, replica sets, ingress, ...).

Continuous Deployment with Kubernetes

Deploy resources to Kubernetes using the kubectl CLI and the Helm package manager.

Building Microservices with DDD, CQRS and EventSourcing

Understand and learn how to build small and scalable autonomous microservices with well-known patterns like Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing. The main goal is to understand the benefits and the downsides of this modern architecture through real code working examples.

Event Driven Architectures using a Message Broker

Implement an asynchronous event driven architecture using a message broker like RabbitMQ understanding the main differences and trade offs between synchronous and asynchronous communication in a distributed system.

Event Sourcing and CQRS

Understand when to apply event sourcing and how to implement it using an event store, event streams, aggregates and projections.

About Us

Pau López

Pau López

Pau is a veteran software craftsman with a lot of years of experience designing, architecting, experimenting and crafting from the smallest to the biggest enterprise software system. He is mainly focused on mastering DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Microservices and Reactive Systems. You can easily find him in any good tech meetup in Barcelona, always sharing and learning new things.

Dmitry Zaets

Dmitry Zaets

Dmitry is a Full-Stack Web Developer focused on building modern Single Page Applications and microservice-oriented architecures with modern .NET/Node.js stacks. He is also the co-organizer of multiple meetup groups in Barcelona such as ReactJS Barcelona and .NET Core Barcelona.

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"Great training, really good point of view for us and future developments that we have in mind, the training fits perfect for us. ”

"Really practical workshop for getting started with .net core and docker in a few hours, the trainner perfectly combines both .NET Core expertise with a deep knowledge of docker. ”

“This was a great hands-on workshop! Very well done and very useful cutting edge knowledge delivered in an excellent and expert manner. I would highly recommend .NET Core Workshops to anyone interested in improving their technological skills into the modern .NET Core stack.”

“It was a really deep dive into cross platform development with .NET Core, Visual Studio Code and Docker, the trainner showed really good knowlege and experience in the topic.”